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Pay Less For SMP

  • Post published:October 24, 2022

Save Money on Your SMP Procedure

Finding a good deal is not always easy, and it’s becoming especially difficult in these post-pandemic economic times. Some business owners seem almost apologetic with their sky-high pricing, but unprecedented inflation is now a reality and has caused rates of—well, everything— to skyrocket. That being said, savvy consumers like yourself are still using the internet to research goods and services and find the best rates, and this includes cosmetic procedures. Bargains abound (if you look for them) on Botox, fillers, permanent makeup, laser hair removal, and even hair transplants (flying to Turkey for surgery will save you a ton of money). Even before the pandemic we were seeing many Scalp Micropigmentation clinics advertise themselves as being “cheap, low-cost” options to lure customers in. The expression “you get what you paid for” should loom large when considering any type of cosmetic procedure. But does that mean you can’t get SMP done for a discounted or lower rate?

Before explaining how to get SMP done for less money, you must understand that Scalp Micropigmentation requires a lot of skill and experience. A good SMP artist will make carrying out this procedure look easy, but it takes tremendous dexterity and stamina, especially when treating an entire scalp from hairline to crown. The technician must have good technique and understand the various types of skin they will encounter. Some skin types can be challenging such as oily skin, dry skin or sun damaged skin.

 It’s not just the physical challenge of pulling off a quality SMP procedure. A hairline can make or break a result, therefore the technician must also have a keen sense of artistry to design something that is natural, age appropriate, and most importantly fits your needs. Inexperienced artists will be far less adept at SMP because they don’t have these necessary skills fully developed yet. This can result in poor hair line design, uneven pigment distribution and an overall lackluster—or worse, botched—result. Oftentimes it’s these artists we see charging “cheap” rates for the procedure. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to these beginners (we all need to start somewhere), but there is a way to do this safely.

Go With the Second Best

One of the top, busiest and well-staffed  clinics in the country is Scalp Micro USA in New York City. Their owner Matt Iulo has been performing SMP for at least a decade and has excellent artistry, however, his prices probably reflect his years of experience and skill set, and you will likely need to wait longer to get a treatment done by him. Instead you can consider choosing to have your procedure with another artist at this clinic. Chances are high that most technicians who work at Scalp Micro USA were once clients that fell in love with SMP and they have a profound understanding of the positive change it can make. They also more than likely trained under Matt himself, and since he owns the business are probably still under his watchful eye. However, as with choosing any SMP artist, make sure to see their specific work and not just the portfolio of the clinic itself. 

Risk Factor: Low

Be a Model Client (Literally)

Another top SMP Clinic, Gerow Hair Ink (also located in Manhattan) is not just a clinic, but also a training facility. Owner Jonathan Gerow has a ton of experience and his academy teaches new artists every facet of SMP. Part of the training process means new artists will need to work on an actual person. In order to procure models the clinic offers free (yes FREE) or deeply discounted procedures. Now while these will be performed by very inexperienced technicians, it will be carried out under the strict supervision of a master technician who will likely have a big part in at least the hairline design process. The best way to find out when modeling opportunities at clinics like Gerow Hair Ink and Scalp Micro USA are available is to contact the clinic directly. Most training facilities offer these opportunities at least once per month. 

Risk Factor: Medium


Every SMP Artist needs testimonials from happy clients. While an established artist probably won’t offer anything for just a review, newer technicians might because it will help them build their business. Discounts will vary depending on what type of review you are willing to do. Google/Yelp etc. reviews might get you something knocked off the price, but most businesses expect clients will write these with or without a discount. Instead offer to be a video testimonial for their YouTube channel, web site or other social media marketing purposes. Some newer clinics might even be looking for a brand ambassador to represent them. Essentially you are trading modeling services for a SMP procedure. Just consider that if you are looking to keep your procedure hush hush, there’s a good chance someone might come across your picture as it will be made highly visible. Also, make sure you ask your artist plenty of questions and to see whatever portfolio they have. 

Risk Factor: Medium Low