Understanding The Procedure
Similar to permanent make-up (PMU), Ahead Ink uses specialized equipment to inject micro pigments into the upper dermis creating the look of shaved hair stubble. This is similar to, but much different and far safer than traditional tattooing. Thanks to Beauty Medical’s proprietary machine we inject consistently at .5mm. This depth ensures that the microdots created won’t expand or bleed out, and it’s a big part of the reason why Ahead Ink clients always get natural-looking results.
Just like with Permanent Make-up, Scalp Micropigmentation is non-permanent, meaning it will breakdown and expel from your dermis over time. The level and speed at which it fades/disappears varies greatly from person to person and depends on several factors including skin type, lifestyle, and environmental impact (sun exposure, swimming, etc.).The great news is that most clients can have a touchup done in just one session.

Can I have SMP if I’ve had a hair transplant?

Yes! It can be used in conjunction with clients who undergo either FUT and/or FUE surgery. Many clients who have hair transplant surgery realize they simply don’t have enough donor grafts available to accomplish the look they want. This often leads to non-aesthetic hair line designs and poor density. Ahead Ink can help reshape your hairline and add full density. With SMP there are no limits. We can even cover certain types of scarring produced by both surgeries. (Clients will usually undergo a test patch to make certain the pigment “holds.”)
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What should I expect from a consultation?

Consultations can be done online (you can text, email, or submit pictures through the Ahead Ink web site), via phone call, video conference (FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom) or in-person at our Fort Lee location. If done virtually, you will receive an accurate and honest assessment based on the pictures as well as a suggested plan of action and pricing. You will also receive everything we discuss in writing.
During an in-person consultation we will do the same as virtual, however we will also be able to draw on some mock hairline designs. The entire procedure will be explained in detail and you will then have the option to book immediately or get back to us and schedule at your convenience. At Ahead Ink there is never any pressure to move forward as we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident with your decision to have SMP.

Will it hurt?

Our clients experience a range of discomfort levels from nearly no pain to a slight stinging feeling. The sensation can vary depending on the area of the scalp being worked on, too. During the procedure we allow our clients to be as comfortable as possible (they are free to choose their own music, take breaks, etc.). Ultimately, every AHEAD INK client gets through the procedure no matter where they fall on the pain scale.

How long will it take?

Depending on the amount of scalp we are covering, each session requires anywhere from 2-5 hours. Most clients will have two sessions over consecutive days, with a follow-up procedure 2-6 weeks later. For most Shaved Look procedures, all three sessions are included in one convenient package price. Scar Camouflage work is usually based on an affordable hourly rate.

How much will it cost?

Most Shaved Look packages average $2,500.00. The price could be slightly higher depending on how deep your recession is. You can contact us by texting pictures or emailing them for an accurate price or just come see us in the office. 

Scar Camouflage procedures will vary in price because each scar is unique. An average cost for a strip scar might be anywhere form $750-$1200.00. 

When will I be able to resume normal activities?

Clients may resume normal activities immediately following the procedure, so there is no downtime. We do recommend you avoid direct sunlight, heavy sweating and chlorine exposure for at least 3-5 days following the procedure. Every client is given written instructions on how to care for their Scalp Micropigmentation afterwards as well as a specialized SMP aftercare kit.

What’s next?

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