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Located at 8400 River Road North Bergen, New Jersey Suite 2A. Ahead Ink is a Scalp Micropigmentation clinic dedicated to performing modern, highly refined procedures. Ahead Ink uses the same equipment and techniques as Milena Lardi, a well-known pioneer and leader in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation and permanent make-up (PMU). All Ahead Ink technicians are personally trained by Milena at her Beauty Medical facility in Milan, Italy and all the equipment and pigments are the same as those used in her clinic.

Erik Cavagnuolo, the owner and Lead Technician of Ahead Ink, was introduced to Milena Lardi when she visited the office of world-renowned New York hair transplant surgeon Dr. Alan Feller in 2011. Erik had been dealing with his own hair loss issues and had surgery with Dr. Feller in 2006 to restore his hairline and crown. While the hair transplant was successful, Erik felt the crown zone was still a bit thin, so he planned another surgery. That’s when Dr. Feller suggested he try Scalp Micropigmentation as an alternative. So Erik served as a model for the procedure with Milena along with another completely bald/Shaved Look client who had flown in from Seattle. The refined results from Beauty Medical scalp micropigmentation (aka tricopigmentation) were very impressive to Dr. Feller because of the realistic appearance of stubble that can be created for shaved scalp patients. 

The experience also left an impression on Erik who had been searching for a career switch (he previously worked in the entertainment publishing industry as an editor and writer for Playboy Magazine) and possible business opportunity.
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Shortly after, with Dr. Feller’s endorsement, Erik was on his way to Milan in order to train with Milena and learn Beauty Medical’s specialized Scalp Micropigmentation techniques. He returned to Milan a year later for an advanced training, and has since been recognized as one of the leading SMP artists in the world with clients traveling to his Northern New Jersey clinic from as far reaches as California and Europe.
It’s Erik’s passion for hair loss and hair restoration, as well as helping other’s find a solution, that drives Ahead Ink as a business. And the sole focus at Ahead Ink is Scalp Micropigmentation. You will not find any other services being offered. This streamlined approach ensures flawless SMP results every time.

"A successful Scalp Micropigmentation Shaved Look result should be subtle, yet tremendously impactful on a client's appearance. I want people to think you look amazing without realizing you had any SMP work done.”